Has spring finally sprung?

As I sit here typing this I have sun shining in my window, the birds are singing. Is spring finally here? I do hope so.

I’ve had friends saying that they feel this winter has been a long one. I’m not sure I agree. Yes we have had snow on a few occasions but nothing locally that has caused us problems and it didn’t hang around long.  The after effects of the cold and wet however are evident on the roads. The gardens will have suffered the same. Patio pointing may need some repair work and the jet wash needs dusting off to get rid of the winter grime ready for the longer, warmer days.

It is this simple maintenance that can prolong the life of your garden. No different to what you would do to the interior of your home but the exterior seems to be forgotten. Give your fence a coat of wood preserve along with any decking can prolong its life but it wont prevent damage caused by strong winds. We did have some of that too as we’ve had a few repair jobs.

Although its too early to add the instant splash of colour via bedding plants; the first spring sunshine has got people into their gardens. The jobs that where shelved last year come back into the current plans. Spring is the season for new things: new patio, new seating. The choice is yours. You may even decide this year is the year to try growing some vegetables.

An old style kitchen garden

For me I love the sudden bursts of colour the spring brings: outside our window is the yellow of the forsythia blossom. The trees have blossom too and daffodils brighten the roadsides. It won’t be long before the new greens of the shooting tree and shrubs are visible. Then it will be snow; what snow?

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